The City of Buckley wishes to acknowledge and thank local photographers and residents Ian McRae, Ashley Britschgi & Brandy Stockwell for sharing their considerable talent and allowing the City the use of many of their spectacular pictures of Buckley. You may view their photos throughout the website.

Please note that these professional images are copyrighted and may not be copied or reproduced. 
Ian McRae –

Ian McRae has lived in South Puget Sound for over 40 years and currently resides in Buckley. As an award winning photographer, Ian has become known as a local landscape photographer who captures images that capture the hearts of the locals who know and appreciate the surrounding beauty of our Pacific Northwest. One of Ian McRae's images of local elk & Mt. Rainier has been used as the backdrop photo for the website. 
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"Born in Colorado and grown in Washington, I have always enjoyed the outdoors, growing up skiing, hiking, and fly-fishing throughout my life. And this has translated over to my passion for outdoor landscape and nature photography. I'm a true North Westerner, and my desire is simply to share the amazing, extraordinary scenery of the world around me that I'm blessed to capture. 

Most of the scenic images are from my own back yard here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  But my camera manages to travel with me on whatever adventure I might encounter. I hope you get out there and enjoy the outdoors as much as I do!"

Ashley Britschgi -
Ashley Britschgi is a long time Buckley resident who is very active & involved in our community.  Ashley helps to manage the Buckley Log Show Facebook page where you will also see many of her photographs!
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"I think a good picture can say more than words ever could. With that being said, I hope you enjoy viewing some of the fun I have had over the years capturing life around me."

Photography by Ashley Britschgi  

Brandy Stockwell -

"Teacher by Day, Photographer by Night! I am currently a fifth grade teacher in Enumclaw.  I began exploring photography because I wanted to capture keepsake photos of my own three children. I have discovered that I LOVE photography and I love to create images for others to enjoy. I particularly enjoy doing natural light portraiture and lifestyle photography.

Because I'm also passionate about teaching, I schedule photo sessions and projects around our school calendar and do most of my photography during the summer while on adventures with my family. Capturing memories and special moments brings me much joy. Thank you for sharing the joy of photography with me!"