About Your City Government 

The City of Buckley is a non-charter code city operating under RCW35A which utilizes a mayor-council form of government. Seven City Council members act as policy makers, providing the Mayor , the city's separately-elected chief executive officer, with guidelines and performance objectives. The city administrator and city staff turn these goals into programs and services.

All City Council members are elected at large, representing all citizens, and serve four year terms. They devote many volunteer hours and are dedicated to serving the community of Buckley. The Council as a whole studies finance and government operations, and divides itself into three Council Standing Committees for closer study of issues:

  • Administration, Finance & Public Safety
  • Transportation & Utilities
  • Community Services

Buckley residents are represented by elected officials at the city, county, state and federal level. Buckley is represented by Pierce County District 1, the 31st Legislative District and the 8th Congressional District.
The following websites may be used to look up your current representatives:

To effectively perform their job, legislators rely heavily on input from many different sources. Yet, much of what they actually decide depends on the views, interests and preferences of the citizens who elect them.  Contact information for Washington's Legislators

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