Finance Department

Functions & Responsibilities

The Finance Department is responsible for the accurate and timely recording and reporting of all financial transactions of the city. Other responsibilities of the Finance Department include: 

  • Accounts Payable

  • Budget Preparation & Administration 

  • Central Cashiering

  • Fiscal Analysis & Strategic Financial Planning

  • Internal Auditing

  • Investment & Cash Management

  • Monthly & Annual Reporting

  • Payroll & Financial Personnel Records

  • Revenue Forecasting

  • Utility Billing – Online Payments 


City Budget

The City of Buckley municipal budget is the central financial planning document that embodies all operating revenue and expenditure decisions. It establishes the level of services to be provided by each department within the confines of anticipated municipal revenues.


2024 City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2023 -City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2022 - City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2021 - City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2020 - City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2019 - City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2018 - City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2017 - City of Buckley Adopted Budget

2016 - City of Buckley Adopted Budget



State Audit Reports

​State law requires the State Auditor's Office to examine the financial affairs of local governments.  The timing and scope of audits are based on risk analyses that consider such factors as size, analytical procedures, and prior audit history.

See the City of Buckley's most recent Audit Reports that were recently concluded for 2016 & 2014-2015 below.

2016 - Financial Statements & Federal Single Audit Reports        
News Release 09-28-2017 - Audit Reports

2014 - 2015 Accountability Audit Report                                        

2014 - 2015 Financial Statements Audit Report

News Release 03-30-2017 - Audit Reports