Dog Licensing

All residents within the city limits of Buckley are required to license their dogs. You can obtain a dog license by coming to the Police Station. Licensing your pet is easy and gives your pet an inexpensive insurance policy for its safety and protection. Licensed pets are returned home faster if they get lost.

The fees are yearly and as follows per BMC 9.10.080:

Altered Dog (alteration proof required):$20.00 
Non-Altered Dog:$30.00
Senior Citizens (age 60+) Altered Dog:$10.00
Senior Citizens (age 60+) Non-Altered Dog:$15.00

Their is an Exemption from Fee for Guide or Service Dogs.

Impoundment: Redemption Fees
Daily Maintenance Fee:$12.00
First Impound:$50.00
Second Impound:$75.00
Third or Greater Impound:$100.00

Total Fee Consists of both Redemption and Daily Maintenance Fee

Kennel License/Annual Renewal Fee $50.00

The City of Buckley does not allow dangerous dogs. The definition of dangerous dog can be found in the Buckley Municipal Code (BMC) 9.10.020(7).

Additionally, any dog of the breed American Pit Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or American Staffordshire Terrier or any mixed breed of these dogs, are not permitted and are considered unlawful inside the city limits of Buckley.

For questions or more information, please contact Animal Control Officer Ken Sutphin at (360) 761-7846.