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Buckley Municipal Court uses OCourts for all forms and orders.  It is the responsibility of the parties to communicate with each other prior to their court appearance and upload and complete each of the applicable forms and orders that they anticipate the court will consider prior to their court appearance. If you do not have an OCourts account, please contact the court at bmc@cityofbuckley.com or call 360.829.2118 for login information.



Vision Statement:


The Buckley Municipal Court offers impartial justice for every individual who comes before it.  With innovation, transparency and efficiency, the Buckley Municipal court seeks to provide unfettered access for all to the justice system. 


The Buckley Municipal Court is an independent and impartial branch of government, committed to providing an accessible, respectful, tolerant, and competent venue for the fair and diligent resolution of all matters brought before it.  In partnership with the City of Buckley, the Buckley Municipal Court is dedicated to preserving the dignity of the individual while enhancing the quality of life of those in our community, and establishing trust, confidence and respect in and for the justice system.


Local Court Rules

Proposed New Local Rule 2024:

BKMCLR   3.2






(a)                Request for Decision on Written Statement.  If the defendant submits a timely request for a hearing to contest or mitigate an infraction, the defendant may elect to seek a decision on written statement pursuant to the provisions of IRLJ 3.5.   A defendant who elects to contest or mitigate an infraction by decision on written statement shall be deemed to have waived an in-court hearing to contest or mitigate the infraction in person.


(b)                Time for Submitting Request for Decision on Written Statement.  The request for a decision by written statements shall be submitted no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the date set for the in-court mitigation or contested hearing.


(c)     Declaration for Written Statement Required.  A defendant wishing to proceed by decision on written statement shall provide a written statement which sets forth the facts and/or defense(s) that the defendant would like the court to consider.  A written statement submitted pursuant to this rule shall be submitted by declaration as follows: “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington that the foregoing is true and correct,” and shall be in substantially the following form:


Name of Defendant:




Infraction Number:


Violation Date:


I wish to mitigate the infraction:                                                                { }


I wish to contest the infraction:                                                                  { }






I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington that the above information is true and correct.


Executed this ___________ day of _______________, 20_____ at _____________________(city/state).






The written statement shall be submitted at the same time as the same time as the request for decision on written statement.




(d)                Time for Examination, Factual Determination, Disposition and Notice to Parties.  The time for examination, factual determination, disposition and notice to parties shall be pursuant to IRLJ 3.5(a)-(d).


(e)    Court May Require In -Person Appearance.  In its discretion, the court may deny a defendant’s request to proceed by Decision on Written Statement and may require the defendant to appear for an in-person or virtual hearing before the court.


(f)      No Appeal Permitted.  There shall be no appeal from a decision on written statement.


{Effective date September 1, 2024}






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Local Court Rules (effective September 1, 2022) can be found here


Limited Jurisdiction
As a court of limited jurisdiction, the Municipal Court is authorized by the laws of the State of Washington to preside over all criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, as well as traffic, non-traffic and parking infractions occurring within the city limits of Buckley. All cases filed are processed in accordance with court procedure and the laws of the State of Washington, under the direction of the presiding judge. See Buckley Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter 1.04 Prosecution for Violations