Business Licensing

A business license is required of all businesses and vendors who operate or engage in business within the city limits of Buckley. This includes home occupations, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors. For complete information regarding city business licensing please see Buckley Municipal Code (BMC) Title 6 Business License Regulations.

Applying for a New Business License

The city partners with the State of Washington Business Licensing Service to issue city business licenses.  This combined licensing system allows the business owner to meet the local and state requirements with one transaction.  A city license will be added to your State Master Business License as an addendum.  City business licenses are renewed annually. 
To file the Business License Application and the City Business License Addendum you may file online or print and mail in the application forms:
  • File Online, using your credit card.  Filing online is the fastest method to apply because your application does not require mail delivery or the information to be inputted manually, which can save you a week or two in the registration process.
  • Complete the Business License Application and the City Business License Addendum, and mail with the appropriate fee (check or money order made out to the Department of Revenue) to:

State of Washington Business Licensing Service
P.O. Box 9034
Olympia, WA 
(800) 451-7985 

Additional Information regarding City Business Licensing:

Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana growing and sales for recreational uses is allowed or denied under state authority. Applicants must meet local and state permit laws and are responsible to make sure their proposed locations meet state requirements.


Because the uses are under the authority of the Liquor Control Board, the city considers them the same as it considers liquor stores, or "specialty stores," which are currently permitted in the following zones: General Commercial (GC), Central Commercial (CC), Historic Commercial (HC), and Neighborhood Mixed Use (NMU).
Currently, the city placed an emergency restriction for retail operations to be 5,000 feet from one another. This restriction is for retail only and not for agriculture. Please join the planning commission in creating new laws to address this issue.

Agriculture (producing or processing)
Agriculture in Buckley includes growing marijuana for recreational or industrial use. Two use categories are used: commercial cultivation of land for agricultural products (if on land), and intensive agricultural production (if in a hothouse or other structure). Both uses are permitted in the same zones: Light Industrial (LI), Public (P), R-8,000, and R-20,000.

Medical Marijuana

The Medical Marijuana use is currently under moratorium and under review by the planning commission for a zoning amendment.