Buckley Hall

The Buckley Hall is a wonderful venue rented out for events such as Weddings, Memorials, Yoga Classes, and many other classes & events.  The Buckley Hall has a wood-floored ballroom, meeting room, handicapped accessible restrooms, women's restroom with diaper changing station, tables, and a kitchen supplied with an oven range, caterers', and refrigerator with freezer compartment.  

      • The capacity for Buckley Hall is 147

Please fill out the application, as well as the rules and pricing. 


If you have questions or want to book Buckley Hall, please contact Parks & Rec at 360-761-7814.  You may also Email the Director of Parks & Recreation, Erin Snodgrass.

* Please turn in rental forms to City Hall

 Payment Accepted: Cash/ Check/ Charge