Animal Control & Dog Licensing

Animal Control
The Buckley Police Department offers enforcement for all criminal animal related incidents within the City of Buckley. Animal control assistance is available Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., by calling the Buckley Police Department at 360-761-7846 or 360-761-7836 or 360-829-3157. For Animal Control outside of the Buckley city limits contact Pierce County Animal Control: at 253-798-7387. If you have an animal emergency requiring police assistance dial 9-1-1.

Dog Licensing
All residents within the city limits of Buckley are required to license any and all dogs. Your dog license is valid from Jan - Dec of each year and must be renewed annually. Dog Licensing Information.

Dog License












Adopt a Pet from a Local Shelter
Please consider adopting your next pet (and new best friend!) from the Tacoma -Pierce County Humane Society. To see the many dogs & cats waiting for a good home go to