Transportation Benefit District

TBD Established
In November of 2012, through adoption of Ordinance No. 13-12, the City created the new Buckley Transportation Benefit District. On July 30, 2013 the Buckley TBD held its first meeting during which the Board members adopted Resolution TBD No. 001 establishing Bylaws governing membership, officers and committees, meetings, amendments and administration.
At the July 30th 2013 meeting, the Board, conducted a public hearing on the possible establishment of a $20 vehicle license fee, and after lengthy discussion and deliberation adopted Resolution TBD No. 002 enacting a $20 vehicle registration fee (for each eligible vehicle registered in Buckley).  The $20 vehicle registration fee will go into effect on February 1st, 2014 and is estimated to generate approximately $71,520 annually for street maintenance and transportation projects.  The projects to be funded (in whole or in part include:
* City of Buckley Street Fund 101 (operation and maintenance)
* Pavement Preservation and Overlay Program
* Transportation Projects, described in detail within the ( 2014 - 2019) Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program.

TBD Assumption


In 2015 the State Legislature passed new legislation that allows cities to assume Transportation Benefit Districts rather than being structured as separate entities. The City held discussions considering this change, and on April 12, 2016, the City Council conducted a public hearing during its regular meeting regarding a proposed transfer and assumption of the rights, powers, immunities, functions and obligations of the Buckley Transportation Benefit District to the City as allowed under the 2015 State Legislature Second Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill (“2ESSB”) 5987.


Following the April 12, 2016 public hearing Ordinance 10-16 was adopted, amending BMC 13.18 and assuming the Buckley Transportation Benefit District. This transferred the rights, powers, immunities, functions and obligations of the Buckley Transportation Benefit District to the City as allowed by State law. Since that time the TBD has been incorporated as part of the City Budget. Reporting and updates for the TBD are included in the Citywide financial updates normally developed on a quarterly basis with more detailed reporting and discussion included within the annual budget document.