Perkins Prairie (Clearwater Estates - VanSickle Landing) Construction

Perkins Prairie (a.k.a. Clearwater Estates, VanSickle Landing, and originally called Elkhorn) is a preliminary subdivision approved by city council for 177 lots. It requires improvements along and in Ryan Road as well as on the site.

Construction plans, drainage plans, a geotech report are available digitally; if requested, they can be copied onto a disc.
Construction plans were approved by the city engineer May 5, 2014.
A pre-construction meeting was conducted May 28, 2014.
Construction will be in phases with final plat requests in phases (called blocks).
A trail will be placed through the wetland between this plat and the city's park land to the west.
Phase I. Final plat for Phase 1 was approved with conditions March 24, 2015. The number of lots is 58, the staff-recommended conditions were accepted, and the plat is ready for recording.
Phase II. pending ...

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