Arcadia Arts - APPROVED 03-03-2016


Design Review: approved as submitted March 3, 2016

Hearing: May 18, 2015

Arcadia Arts, a commercial development for office, retail, and restaurant. The development will include four buildings as follows:

The north half of the property will include three different businesses totaling 4,388 sf:

  1. About 1,188 sf of retail space will be for The Blue Rooster, which will supply a mix of retail and take-out food products with gift items. A few tables will be provided for wine tasting and an outdoor patio area for holiday events.
  2. A 1,050-sf restaurant will house The New Leaf Café and Deli, which will serve soup and sandwiches, desserts and a daily special.
  3. A 2,100-sf retail area will be themed home-and-garden, which will include a farmer’s market type of set-up; the upper floor will house the business’s office and storage area. 

Design review for these buildings was on March 3, 2016.

The variance requested is to reduce landscaping requirement on both the east and west sides to 0 feet. The reductions are to allow buildings, driveway, and parking to be sited on the lot.

The southwest half of the property will contain office space for Steelhead Communications, a telecommunications company with offices in Alaska, Oregon, and Montana; the corporate office is in Buckley and employs seven people. Part of the building (2,160 sf) will be used for offices that will house seven employees (three are at this site every day, four attend the site intermittently), with the other portion (2,820 sf) used to store equipment for the business. The total area will be about 4,980 sf.


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