Spiketon Road Preliminary Long Plat, 63 lots LP3120

This proposal is to divide a 20.05 acre parcel into 63 single family lots and retain/protect the wetlands on the east side of the property. Primary access will be from Spiketon with secondary access also onto Spiketon. The Future Street Plan shows a north-south through street from Ryan to Tanner to the east of the property, which is now identified as a wetland.
The parcel was subject to a rezone, which was approved by the city council January 26, 2016, under Ordinance Number 05-16.
The subdivision application was submitted March 1, 2016. Plats are roughly organized into four phases. The following review elements are required:
Phase I, the pre-ap; This phase is completed.
  • The pre-application meeting is required for all plats, and was conducted September 15, 2015.
Phase II, preliminary plat application; This phase is completed.
  • Notice of Application was mailed to everyone within 300 feet
  • Environmental review and SEPA determination
  • Public Hearing with the Hearing Examiner
  • Decision by the Hearing Examiner within 10 days of the public hearing and within 90 days of the complete application notice APPROVED Oct. 17, 2016.
Phase III, construction
  • Construction plans (LDA and Right-of-Way permits) and approvals to achieve all the conditions of approval from the preliminary plat
  • Inspections of work
  • Acceptance of work, if applicable
  • Creation of "punch list" of things not completed, but should be done before the council considers the final plat application.
Phase IV, final plat application & recordation
  • The applicant will submit a list of all the conditions of approval and note how and when the condition was met (e.g. LDA xxxx, Condition x, frontage improvement from x to y accepted (date))
  • The city will review the submittal and within 30 days the city council will approve, disapprove, or remand the application. If the proposal meets all conditions of approval that were set at the preliminary stage, the council must approve the final plat. If certain items are not quite finished, the council may approve the plat but not authorize the mayor to sign the plat until the items are completed.
  • Once approved, the applicant will take the plat to the county to record.

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