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Limited Jurisdiction
As a court of limited jurisdiction, the municipal court is authorized by the laws of the State of Washington to preside over all criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, as well as traffic, non-traffic and parking infractions occurring within the city limits of Buckley. All cases filed are processed in accordance with court procedure and the laws of the State of Washington, under the direction of the presiding judge.See Buckley Municipal Code (BMC) Chapter 1.04 Prosecution for Violations


Basic Information Page

  • Criminal Citation (e.g.:  Driving with License Suspended 1, 2, or 3, Assault, Theft, Driving Under the Influence, etc.)
  • Traffic and other Civil Infractions (e.g.: Speeding, Driving without Insurance, Defective Equipment, Animal or Noise Complaints, etc.)
  • Failure to Respond/Failure to Appear
  • Dismissible Infractions
  • How to Quash a Warrant
  • Making a Payment

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